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201949 - FINDOM is your destiny!

Aaaawww you pathetic actually wanted to stop this self-destructive fetish, didn't you!? But your primitive urges keep directing your thoughts back to me, to Findom, to the addiction to numbers! You just love being my idiot, knowing full well that the sight of me will only lull you even further... falling into the trap of my irresistible beauty again! I fully understand how self-destructive you are behaving, but I also don't care at all! Your money is in the very best hands with ME and that is crystal clear to both of us. So don't keep pushing, drop your concerns, listen to me carefully and do what you were born to do: PAY!


124676 - Mini cocks getting ripped off

You belong to the pathetic species of mini cocks? Very good for me! The smaller the cock the higher the financial compensation. Mini cocks getting ripped off.